About us

jod-e - the act of being together

The Vision is to bring people together over a mutual interest and as citizens of the digital age and soon to be the metaverse 😶 We're here to create a community, one that helps each other grow with no vested interest of their own. We do this by enabling people to share a digital version of themselves with a tap, scan or share. 

Bridging the gap between online and offline presence is essential and our solution does just that. You can instantly share your entire digital presence with anyone you meet whether it's online or offline which better facilitates community growth. 

Real World Applications are limitless, jod-e can be used in any way you see fit and that is what we pride ourselves on. We let the jod-e community take control and mould us so that we can continue to provide a solution that simply works.  

The problem that we identified was that there was no service that allows you to share your entire digital presence in one go to people that you come across in the real world as well as the digital world.

The solution is simple but highly effective. A digital profile that encompasses all that you want to share with people. Social media profiles, website links, portfolios, documents, playlists, videos, calendars, the list is limitless. One might argue that a website can do all of this but a website has 2 major drawbacks for the everyday Joe. High setup and maintenance costs as well as the complexity of managing the content on a regular basis. You can control every aspect of your jod-e profile from the app seamlessly and within seconds. No maintenance costs, no setup costs and best of all ease of use and speed. 

Data Privacy is of utmost priority and as a result jod-e has been designed in a way to never hold any of your personal sensitive data or passwords. We only hold information that is already available within the public domain such as your website URLs or social media profile usernames.